The FED’s plan is totally BACKFIRING on real estate + real estate investing 2023 | Market Mondays

Is the FED’s plan to curtail real estate prices completely backfiring right now? Dan Prud’homme, Kim Molloy, and Aaron Benton discuss who is being hurt the MOST right now by rising interest rates-- and isn’t the many cash buyers in our market. Plus, as the stock market had a very good October, they’ll take a look at how much sense real estate investing makes going into 2023, and what’s on the other side of the November 2022 midterm elections. And did Matt Frankel just predict the future? The Market Mondays team is doing a deep dive on his 2023 market predictions to see what he got right, at least as it concerns our Bluffton and Hilton Head Island real estate markets. Want to know more about the Wealth Investment Network launching in January by Kim Molloy and Aaron Benton? Email Kim at [email protected] to get on the invite list when the first session launches.


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