If You Can I Can #009- Alfred Olivetti

You may know Alfred Olivetti as the owner of Hilton Head Running Company, or you may know him as the guy who is largely responsible for the transformation of the Hilton Head triathlon scene. However you know him, you know that he trains for success and to inspire others along the way, through his youth mentoring, environmental conservation efforts, and helping put on extremely cool events like the upcoming Scrap Iron 5K on Daufuskie Island. Grab a notepad, because today Kim gets a ton of practical wisdom on pushing through challenges and making the most of every opportunity. -- Life throws us curve balls we can't predict, and trials come in many forms. As Kim watched her daughter struggle and persevere through a severe sickness, she knew only one thing... *If she can endure through this, then I can, too.* Today, Kim shares the stories of people who have gone through trialing times, endured tough battles, and overcome, as she continues her own journey of self-improvement and empowerment. Follow along with Kim as she looks for inspiration in the every day heroes of life... the ones who show us that if they can do it, you can too.

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